A Little About Us!

• Let your child grow in faith , love ,
confidence and independence.

We encourage our children to use their hands, trust their instincts and playfully explore the world around them. Teachers are trained and parents are urged to participate with open hearts in the emotional, physical, and spiritual growth of the child.

We Assure

    1.Activities to enhance motor skills in preparotory stage.
    2.Abalanced students-teacher ratio.
    3.Motivating approach to boost up the performance of children requiring extra attention.
    4.Updated and upgraded facilitators.

A wide range of activities, including games , and work cards prepare the children in essential reading , writing and arithmetic.

Each child is a unique being with their own unique potential.

In an environment of freedom and trust, we nurture the child's potential, allowing them to discover the joy of learning.

Curosity and a sense of wonder. The courage to take risks and face challenges. Positive self-affirming energy. Sensitivity towards other being and the natural enviroments.

We create an environment of trust, confidence and encouragement in which children learn through trial and error , and exploration. It offers real understanding of the freedom of choice, giving children the space to build confidence in their own decision and take risks.